Mother of the Bride: How to Pick the Perfect Gown


At Grand Bridal, we understand that a wedding encompasses more than just the ceremony—all of your family, friends, and loved ones come together to celebrate the new marriage, and everyone wants to wear something amazing to fit the occasion. For Mothers of the Bride, we know you’re really looking for the perfect dress: you want something sophisticated that’s still on the youthful side, that coordinates with your daughter’s wedding decor so that you don’t stick out in photos. Finding that perfect Mother of the Bride dress can take time, so we’re sharing our tips on how to pick the perfect gown:

Start Shopping Early


It’s easy to get so excited helping your daughter plan her wedding and find her dress that you wait too long to start shopping for yours! We always recommend starting shopping earlier than you think you need to. You’ll likely want time for alterations, and it’s much better to have a little extra time on your hands than to wait too long and have to settle for a dress you’re not in love with!

Listen to the Bride...


An important part of your decision is finding something that will coordinate with your daughter’s wedding colors. If the entire bridal party is in soft pastels, you don’t want to be the lone person in a bright red that sticks out in photos—you want to find something that will look nice alongside the rest of the wedding, so it’s important to listen to the bride. After all, it’s her wedding! If she has a specific color she wants you to wear, it’s important to take that into account while shopping. 

...But Stay True to Yourself


While it’s important to take cues from the bride on the color and formality of your gown, you still need to choose something that’s going to make you feel beautiful and confident on the day of. Find something that suits her wedding vision, but also fits in well with your personal style—if she’s pushing for you to wear something modern and you’re more of a traditional woman, it’s okay to compromise a little and tell her you’d be more comfortable in another dress. You don’t want anything distracting from your happiness on the wedding day!

Communicate with the Mother of the Groom


It’s traditional for the Mother of the Bride to buy her dress first, then for the Mother of the Groom to begin shopping. While you by no means need to go by this rule, it’s still important that the two of you talk about what you’re wearing so that you don’t accidentally arrive at the wedding in the same color, or, even worse, the same dress! You’ll both want to wear something that suits the wedding’s color scheme well without being too matchy-matchy (unless that’s what the bride wants), so communicating while shopping is important. 

Make a Day of It!


Shopping can be stressful, but we think it’s important to have fun while looking for your Mother of the Bride dress! Bring a trusted opinion, whether that’s your daughter or best friend, and turn shopping into a fun outing. Grab lunch before or after your appointment, and make it into a fun day to spend time with people you love!

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