Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Mixed and matched bridesmaid dresses have become a popular choice for brides seeking a unique look for their bridal party. The mix and match look is extremely versatile, covering a range of styles all the way from classic looks to a chic, effortless boho blend. There’s two main ways to accomplish this look, so we’re sharing how on the blog. 

Same Color, Different Styles

754 by Wtoo by Watters

755 by Wtoo by Watters



This is a great way to mix-and-match your bridesmaid dresses and ensure they’ll flow together seamlessly. Choosing a designer and a color ensures the gowns will all have the same overall look while still being unique to each bridesmaid. This allows the bridesmaids to select a neckline and silhouette that works best for them, so they also feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day. This ensures everyone has a dress they love!

Different Colors and Silhouettes

114 by Wtoo by Watters

115 by Wtoo by Watters



Mixing and matching styles and colors is tough, because you want the mismatched look while it still comes off as cohesive and beautiful. An easy way is to choose a range of colors, giving your bridesmaids a monotone ombre look. The easiest way to do this is to select a few dress options, and let your bridesmaids choose their favorite! When you pre-choose the dresses, there’s no risk of anyone showing up in a dress that ruins the aesthetic. 

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